Kole Christensen Plays Live From The Clubhouse

SxSW 2010 Kole Christensen at #SMCH3 Kole Christensen is that rare combination of fun with a message that only comes around every blue moon. As a motivational speaker, she has been turning her close call with death into a story of caution for thousands of high school students across the country. As a performer with incredible range and a story teller with wit and wisdom that exceeds her short time here on earth so far, she will make you smile, think and sing along with her and everyone else in the room.

Kole joined us during SxSW 2010 down in Austin, TX, at the Social Media Clubhouse as one of the winners of our Be A Resident VJ contest, getting a chance to live with us in this incredible mansion on Lake Austin for a week. In the end we were the real winners, getting a chance to meet Kole and hear some of her beautiful music. Lucky for you, Chris Heuer knew enough tech to setup the camera and mic and capture this rare performance to share with you now.

Listen along and judge for yourself, but we think Kole is a name you will be hearing a lot about for a long time to come….

Kole Christensen @ Social Media Clubhouse from Social Media Club on Vimeo.

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