SMCH9: Must See Sessions & Activities at SxSW 2012

We’ve curated a few of the must see sessions, panels and activities being hosted around Austin during SxSW 2012 between Friday, March 9th through Tuesday, March 13th.  Are you a SMC Professional member?  We want to help promote your SxSW activities, please complete this form.

Social Health Startup Bootcamp 

Friday, March 9, 2012, 2-6:00pm at Hilton Austin, SXSW Startup Village
Social Health StartUp Bootcamp provides Education, Inspiration, and Funding advice for (Social) Health Tech Startups.
Hashtag: #SBChealth

Why Small Is the New Big and Big Is the New Small

Speakers: Kat Mandelstein & Jason Stoddard

Saturday, March 10th, 12:30p-1:30p at Hilton Garden Inn

Economic angst has taught us one thing: Size doesn’t matter. The over-riding lesson we are learning worldwide is that a business that gets ahead of the curve is a smart one, not necessarily a big one. The rapid development and adoption of information communication technologies (ICT) over the last ten years is driving this change. As consequence, businesses are leveraging these new web, mobile and social technologies to interact with customers and prospects in a whole new way. A role reversal between SMB and Large Enterprise is taking place: SMB is becoming more ubiquitous and quantitative while Enterprise is becoming more personalized and qualitative. This session explores the causes, corrections, and outcomes of the changing dynamics within the marketplace that now allow SMB and Large Enterprise companies to compete for the same customers. Attendees will experience these dynamics first-hand in an #eggcellent real-time market simulation.

Hashtag: #eggcellent

Hatch Pitch Competition at SXSW Startup Village

Sunday, March 11th, 9:30a-1:30p at Austin Downtown Hilton (fourth floor)

15 HATCH finalists will present their revolutionary ideas at HATCH, an event being held as part of the new SXSW Startup Village. Each team will be given four minutes to present their companies to a room of startup enthusiasts. Judges will then ask questions of each presenter. After all finalist presentations, the judges will determine how many virtual dollars they would invest in each time. The top three teams receiving the most virtual HATCH dollars will be crowned the winners.

American Copyright: Will Government Go Too Far?

Tuesday, March 13th, 3:30p-4:30p at AT&T Conference Hotel, Salon A.

Speakers: Patrick O’Keefe, Mark Petrolis, Katherina Sunstrom, David Snead and Jonathan Bailey.

During the week of SXSW in 2011, the White House’s Intellectual Property Coordinator, Victoria Espinel, released a whitepaper calling for increased government crack-down on copyright infringement. Espinel’s paper called for: Stronger criminal laws related to online copyright infringement; increased surveillance of foreign websites marketing to US consumers; enabling law enforcement to wiretap purported “infringers” and share the results of those wiretaps with private “rightsholders.” Law makers and big media rightsholders have concerns that piracy causes “economic harm and threaten the health and safety of American consumers.” The legislature is reviewing the PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act to address these concerns.Are the proposals commensurate with the purported threat? Will they even address the threat? Are the invasions on consumers’ rights necessary and do such privacy concerns outweigh the supposed threat to the “health and safety” of American consumers?

Hashtag: #AMERCOPY

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