A Foundation for Social Advertising with Peter Fasano and Brian Kotlyar of Dachis Group at SMCH9

Jennifer Navarrete interviews Peter Fasano and Brian Kotlyar of Dachis Group to discuss Social Advertising and making engagement a priority.

Social advertising is moving mainstream as social brands have moved from fan and follower acquisition to story driven engagement. Large and small brands that have disengaged Twitter or Facebook followers will have be challenged to drive sustained success with social advertising if they lack a social content strategy and engaged community. We will talk about the fundamentals of organic social strategy to prepare for future social advertising.

Fasano shares “Ads are good but stories are better,” as stories develop from engaged community, brands need to focus on community engagement in terms of quantitative vs. qualitative.

Check out the full interview below,

Learn more about Dachis Group or connect with our guests on Twitter, @PFasano and @BKotlyar.

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