Phil Wheat of Chaotic Moon Presents The Board of Imagination at SMCH9

Phil Wheat, formerly of Microsoft joined the Chaotic Moon team recently and stopped by the Social Media Clubhouse in the IBM Future of Social Lounge at SxSW to share “The Board of Imagination.”

This version 2.0 is a mind controlled skateboard which is operated by a  brainwave reading headset. The first version was previously controlled by a Kinect setup, which read gestures and hand motions.

Phil says in order to enable the boards movement, you have to visualize yourself moving forward but there are three levels of safety to ensure users are protected.

Check out the full interview with Chris Heuer and Phil Wheat below,

To learn more about the mind controlled board, other Chaotic Moon inventions and hopefully a future race between The Board of Imagination and Austin Segways visit,

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