Character Building As an Attention Magnet with Michael Margolis and Kahlil Ashanti at SMCH9

Michael Margolis and Kahlil Ashanti join Social Media Clubhouse 9 in Austin, TX to discuss “Character Building As an Attention Magnet.”

“Lets skip over the bluster and the bragging of social media storytelling. Instead, lets talk about the kinds of stories that get people’s respect and attention. When you think of the leading voices who are crushing it online, their influence seems almost effortless. Because you feel like you’ve known them forever. What’s the secret? They’ve developed a style of personal narrative that reveals more of who they are and how they think, to the point of death-defying vulnerability. So lets talk about developing your own storytelling mojo for greater recognition and playing on a bigger stage.”

Learn how to improve your storytelling mojo from the pros, Michael Margolis and Kahlil Ashanti by watching the full session below,

Connect with Michael on Twitter @getstoried and Khali @kahlilashanti or follow their SxSW session hashtag #sxstorymojo.

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