Jennifer Navarrete Interviews Adam Berke, President of AdRoll to Discuss Retargeting & Privacy

Jennifer Navarrete interviewed Adam Berke of AdRoll to discuss Retargeting & Privacy at Social Media Clubhouse 9 from the IBM Future of Social Lounge at SxSW.

Berke says “Retargeting in it’s simplest form and traditionally speaking, is the simple act of marketing to people who have already been to your website or display a certain action and tailoring messaging to that person based on that action.” Adam says this is an extremely marketing channel since users have already expressed interest in your brand.

Marketers have a “treasure trove” of data on their website and have the ability to leverage that data to market to existing users to build loyalty.

Retargeting does bring about some privacy issues but Adam says AdRoll is extremely concerned about user privacy and their service doesn’t collect identifying data but rather anonymous information collected by the browser. The last thing they want to do is display ads to a user who doesn’t want to see them, “that’s just bad marketing.”

Learn how AdRoll is investing in data and helping marketers become more effective by watching the full interview below,

To learn more about AdRoll visit, or connect with Adam on Twitter, @adamberke.

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