Chris Heuer Interviews Bjorn Falkevik about his first SxSW from SMCH9 in Austin

SMC Co-Founder and Chairman, Chris Heuer Interviewed Bjorn Falkevik about his first SxSW Interactive Festival experience and his tips on video content production from Social Media Clubhouse 9 in Austin, TX.

Bjorn founded Studio Bronx, in an effort to actively engage users around video content in Sweden. On top of Studio Bronx, Bjorn designs, produces and manages social media for clients.

Chris asks for Bjorn’s top video production tips,

1. Use real-time video tools like Ustream.

2. Give interviewers and guests an incentive to spread the word!

3. “Packaging” – Develop strong descriptions to sell the viewer on why they should watch & add links and this is also great for SEO.

4. Solid Title – Explain the video effectively.

5. Add Commentary – Answer your two cents and share why should users watch the video.

Watch the full interview with Bjorn of Studio Bronx below,

Learn more about Bjorn here,

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