How Social Media is Redefining Africa in the 21st Century: An Interview with Ngozi Odita at SMCH9

Jessica Murray recently interviewed Ngozi Odita from Social Media Clubhouse 9 in the IBM Future of Social Lounge in Austin, TX.

Ngozi was presenting a core conversation at SxSW to discuss how social media is redefining Africa in the 21st century and shared some of her insights with Social Media Club.

“With the ever-increasing access to digital tools, Africans on the continent and in the diaspora are using the web to farm a new vision of 21st Century Africa. Social media enables them to tell their stories, offering an alternative to mainstream media coverage and a glimpse at the renaissance now taking place on the continent.”

Ngozi shares that nearly 700 million people in Africa will access social tools through mobile devices by 2012 and while not every person may own a personal computer, they are staying connected through smartphones and other mobile devices.

Check out the full interview with Ngozi to learn how Africans are using digital tools to connect and collaborate,

To learn more visit Society HAE or connect with Ngozi on Twitter @HAELifestyle.

About Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray is the Community Manager of Social Media Club Global.

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