Curation and Commerce: Jennifer Navarrete Interviews John Doyle of Cramer-Krasselt at SMCH9

John Doyle of Cramer-Krasselt joins Jennifer Navarrete at Social Media Clubhouse 9 from IBM’s Future of Social Lounge to discuss the huge trend of consumer curated content.

Services like Spotify, Pinterest, Polyvore, Svpply and many others are showing that everyday consumers like to create and curate their own digital content around music and lifestyle products to share with their networks.

John says content curation with image and music sharing services can be broken down in two behaviors,

1. Collection – Users collect the things they’re interested in and like to distributing those across their social networks.

2. Consumption- Users love to discover new products and ideas.

Jennifer asks if the trend of curation is going to continue? John says, “Yes, we need this type of human cataloging of things, to help with parce through all the media that’s online today.” John shares that this more warm, human element makes curation more intuitive for users.

John suggest that brands can take advantage of these curation tools by watching how consumers tagging their content or products and see how they’re creating collections around your products which may help expand the brands relevance.

Check out the full interview with John Doyle and learn how you can make your content more “pin worthy,”

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