Leveraging Moms as a 360 Dev Cycle w/ Lucretia Pruitt, Shelly Kramer and Maya Bisineer at SMCH9

Lucretia Pruitt, Shelly Kramer and Maya Bisineer joined us at Social Media Clubhouse 9 in Austin to discuss “Leveraging Moms as a 360 Dev Cycle to Better Your Social App & User Base.”

“Moms rule the Internet. No, really. The studies show that Moms are a powerful user demographic online. Digital-Moms have their own communities, their own social networks, and their own online behaviors. They are also raising tomorrow’s consumers and exert control over access and spending of the coveted online tweens & teens markets. But despite all of that, it seems as though they are an afterthought when it comes to the initial design most sites. From experience wearing hats on the tech/dev side, the Digital-Mom side, and the Social Media side — I’ve developed a few bullet points you can use (or hand to your dev or designer) to help you tap into the huge but paradoxically hard to attract Digital-Moms market. But it’s going to go fast — so stay light on your feet and try to dodge the bullet points!” via Lucretia.

Lucretia, Shelly and Maya go on to share best practices for brands when approaching the mom community including,


1. Look to develop long-term partnerships.

2. Remember brands, you’re pitching them so do your homework. Not all mom networks are created equal, some have different passions that unite them.

3. Mom bloggers are educated and business savvy, so “respect their professional abilities,” says Shelly.

4. Have a compensation plan prepared, and no, a $20 Starbucks card will not suffice.

Check out the full interview with Lucretia, Shelly and Maya to learn how brands can be more effective in building relationships with mommy bloggers,

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