Jessica Murray Interviews Brett Henley and Andy Dixon of I Am Convicted at SMCH9

I recently interviewed Andy Dixon and Brett Henley of i am convited at Social Media Clubhouse 9 during SxSW.

I’ve known Andy and Brett for a few years and our friendship began while we participated in an event for the nonprofit Andy was affiliated with, which helped develop a brand new website and marketing collateral to support their expansion.

Andy has since moved on from the nonprofit and is working with Brett to share a deeper dive into his story which is that of an ex-felon with 27 years served in the TN prison system. i am convicted, their storytelling project, uses a blog to transparently share Andy’s story – including full chapters, photo, video and more.

“We’re experimenting with redefining the map lines of independent storytelling,” says Brett.

Andy and Brett share about their goals in attending SxSW and their current Kickstarter campaign to help bring awareness to generational incarceration by sharing Andy’s story.

View the full interview below,

Connect with Andy on Twitter, @andydixn  and Brett, @bretthenley or visit

About Jessica Murray

Jessica Murray is the Community Manager of Social Media Club Global.

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