The Clubhouse

The Social Media Clubhouse is produced by Social Media Club, a not-for-profit organization that hosts conversations exploring key issues facing our society as technologies transform the way we connect, communicate, collaborate and relate to each other.

The idea behind Social Media Clubhouse was in part inspired by the rise of blogger lounges, but was really inspired as an extension of what we normally do, get together with cool media makers and have fun… especially during conferences.

At the Social Media Clubhouse, we create content using Blog Posts, Twitter, Photos and Videos. We use a hashtag combination for Social Media Clubhouse which is ‘smch’ plus the Clubhouse Number (e.g. #SMCH7) to keep the conversation on track. You can follow all of the tweets from the house by looking for that tag online.


The first Social Media Clubhouse took place in 2007 in Las Vegas during the Community 2.0 Conference which ran back to back with the annual New Comm Forum/SNCR conference. We did not wish to spend two weeks in a hotel room, so we decided to rent a house, and invited several friends to stay with us. We rode to the events together. We made media together. We socialized together. That experience, and our work since in hosting blogger lounges at different conferences, has lead us to create something that is really quite special.

The idea is simple. We find an amazing house located near the conference venue. We invite Social Media Club members and other bloggers to share that house during the conference. We spend time with each other as house-mates. We take photos walks together. We dine together. We enjoy the city we are visiting. We meet the locals. We tell great stories. We also hosts events at the house. We find ways to connect brands and bloggers. We hopefully inspire people. We ourselves are inspired. We develop relationships with one another that last a lifetime. We do it all again.

What We Do…

We customize each Social Media Clubhouse based on the event we are attending and the specific resources available.

This blog is your central hub to all the news coming from the Social Media Clubhouse, and all the insights coming from Clubhouse residents. We hope you join us for our video streams, our photo walks, our tweet streams and so much more, all happening right here…